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About 401(k)CRPA

401(k) CRPA is the industry’s first and only online, self-administered comparison assessment tool. 401(k) CRPA’s easy-to-use, tutorial-driven
process will teach you how to extract fee details from your plan’s fee disclosure, educate you to the various industry fee arrangements and help you
better understand who does what for your 401(k) plan.

With 401kCRPA, you will discover how your plan’s providers compare to the industries best-in-class.

Plan Sponsors – 401(k) CRPA

Investment Advisors – PTE CRPA

You’re not just a plan fiduciary, it’s your retirement benefit too!

A plan sponsor and those employees tasked with running the plan, have a fiduciary obligation to routinely monitor and document that plan services continue to meet the needs of its plan participants, at a reasonable cost.  Fees only need to be reasonable in the context of the level of service being provide. 

So where do you start?

If you’re familiar with the documents that specify the details of your plan, our assessment will only take about 15 minutes to complete.  Have a copy of your latest 408(b)(2) disclosure and any applicable TPA or Plan Advisor service agreements available. These documents may need to be referenced as you complete the CRPA questionnaire.

The latest fiduciary rule defines a rollover recommendation as investment advice. This advice is now a prohibited transaction unless it is provided under the DOL’s PTE (prohibited transaction exemption). 

PTE 2020-02 addresses the DOLs position with respect to rollovers. PTE 2020-02 reinforces the importance of providing retirement investors with information to help them understand their relationship with their investment professionals.

How does an employee really know if a rollover is in their best interests?

An advisor recommending one of these rollover options, 401(k) to 401(k), 401(k) to IRA or IRA to IRA is required to provide a comparison of both quantitative and qualitative characteristics to help the investor understand which option is best for them.

PTE CRPA checks all the boxes.

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