The PTE CRPA Advantage

Compliance must be documented, consistent and monitorable.

  • All servers are US based in California and Washington DC, SOC 1 & 2 reports available.
  • Bank level 256-bit encryption.
  • Data is backed-up with copies stored in multiple locations.
  • Security precis, continuity plan and succession plan are in place to assure continued operations.
  • Provides Company Admin Compliance Oversight Reports (supporting the Annual Retrospective Review).
  • Provides Advisor Recommendation Summary Reports (supporting SEC and State audits.)
  • 2 Report email notification options.
    Option #1: Send report email directly to the Advisor.
    Option #2: Send email to the Investor with a link to view the report.  Upon clicking the link CRPA captures the date and time the investor looks at the report.  A 2nd email is simultaneously sent to the Advisor with a pdf copy of the report.
  • Provides Company Admin level report approval and release function.
  • Allows Advisors to download all reports on demand and import them into their CRM.
  • Allows Advisors to upload documents created in any other program i.e. (investment comparisons, annuity illustrations, etc.) and combine them with a cover letter, firm disclosures and the CRPA comparative report.
  • Allows supporting IRA/401(k) account statements, participant disclosures, 5500’s etc. to be saved in each investors profile.
  • Maintains report version history.
  • Firm receives a zip file containing a folder for each advisor and separated by Investor containing the final reports done for each Investor.
  • Firms with 150 or more paid subscriptions, can be put on a dedicated platform, displaying their logo and the ability to customize the Quantitative questions. (Additional setup fee may apply)
  • APIs that will send report files on demand or the reports and all the individual data inputs. (additional fee)
  • FREE access for all subscribes to 401k CRPA for 6 months, our 401k/PEP prospecting platform.
  • No charge for compliance oversight personnel access.